I Have a New Show On Wish USA

I am now part of Wish USA, which is part of the Wish 107.5FM family. I have a show called "My Wish, Paco", which airs on YouTube every Tuesday at 4PM to 8PM (Los Angeles Time) and every Wednesday at 7AM to 11AM (Manila Time). If you're in the middle east or elsewhere, kindly figure out your time zone from your iPhone.

My show is a "talk show". I invite guests and we talk about Love and Relationships, which is something common in everyone of us. And what's interesting is everyone has an opinion. And because most of us have been in love and have been in relationships, we all feel like experts and definitely have something to say, constructive or otherwise. 

From time to time, I will be inviting real experts, who can help us truly understand what's going on in our personal lives.

At the time time of this writing, we've already aired two episodes and so far, things have been looking great!

Again, if you haven't seen the show, mark your calendars accordingly and CLICK HERE to check out the channel.

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