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Paco Arespacochaga is currently on tour with INTRoVOYS with shows in Orange County, Burbank, Union City, Cerritos and South San Francisco. Check out the SHOWS page for more info.

On November 17, Paco Arespacochaga joins other 90s OPM Artists for a par deux of their 2017 sold out concert at Solaire in Manila, Philippines.

Learning to Love Yourself 

I Heard It From the Song
From the song, “The Greatest Love of All”, the line… “Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all” is probably what hit me the most. When I was young and immature, it seemed selfish to do. But now that I’m older, that specific line now makes more sense because it really is true. 

But while the song says it’s “easy to achieve”, a lot of people fail miserably in learning to love themselves. It wasn’t easy for me to learn to love myself. I’m pretty sure, it wasn’t easy for a lot of people as well. But here’s the good news… it can be achieved! 

But how?  

Here are a few ways you can learn to love yourself 

Acknowledge Your Existence 
You are HERE. You’re alive. And you’re real. And you’ve got a purpose that is yours and yours alone. Embrace it and be grateful for your existence. Learn to appreciate who you are. You aren’t me. You aren’t anyone else. You are you! Once you’ve come to terms with this fact and have embraced it, the rest just falls into place. 

Create Boundaries 
Normally, I’d encourage you to go out and make tons of friends, only because friends are for keeps! However, you can’t make real friends if you don’t create boundaries first. This is true because real friends will respect you and your boundaries. But I digress. The boundaries you create show that you respect yourself and your purpose. It also protects you from outside forces, who will consistently try to veer you off course. 

Pamper Yourself 
Go to the gym, hike, run, get your heart rate up! Don’t do this for outward self image. Do it for your soul. Workout because God gave you the ability to do more! Find solace in getting your heart rate up! It also makes your body release endorphins, which helps you appreciate yourself even more. 

You Be You 
STOP comparing yourself to the person beside you. You are not them and they are not you. They will succeed at their own pace and so will you. And when they fall flat on their face, it won’t be the same time as you. So you be you and be in love with you! 

Make a Date With You 
You need some “me” time. This is very important. You should be able to be comfortable hanging out alone without having any form of self-pity. In fact, you should take advantage of your alone time. Read a book. Treat yourself to steak and wine. Watch a movie or a play. Get a massage! Learn to be alright being alone. Maybe, pick up a new hobby. 

Discover What You’re Good At 
We’re all good at something, even if it’s sleeping. But whatever it is you’re good at, give it a go! Don’t hold back. Invest time and effort in it. Learn, do, repeat. If you’re good at this “one thing”, you were made for it!  


There are more ways to learn to love yourself. But the things I just mentioned are a good start to put a smile in your heart. You see, you can never truly give love to someone if you don’t have the capacity to give it to yourself. It’s not possible. And often times, it will come off as fake. It’s like giving money to charity when you don’t have the money to give… how? 

Start slow but start now. It will take a lot of patience and a lot of time to learn to love yourself. Not coincidentally, it will also take a lot of time and patience to truly learn to love someone else. Same thing, right? You can’t do to others what you can’t do to yourself. So go ahead! Take the first step! 

“You” has been waiting for you! Learn to love yourself! 


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I Have a New Show On Wish USA 

I am now part of Wish USA, which is part of the Wish 107.5FM family. I have a show called "My Wish, Paco", which airs on YouTube every Tuesday at 4PM to 8PM (Los Angeles Time) and every Wednesday at 7AM to 11AM (Manila Time). If you're in the middle east or elsewhere, kindly figure out your time zone from your iPhone.

My show is a "talk show". I invite guests and we talk about Love and Relationships, which is something common in everyone of us. And what's interesting is everyone has an opinion. And because most of us have been in love and have been in relationships, we all feel like experts and definitely have something to say, constructive or otherwise. 

From time to time, I will be inviting real experts, who can help us truly understand what's going on in our personal lives.

At the time time of this writing, we've already aired two episodes and so far, things have been looking great!

Again, if you haven't seen the show, mark your calendars accordingly and CLICK HERE to check out the channel.

Do Not Waste Friendship 

Why do we have friends in our lives? Is it because we share a common bond and interest and love each other’s company? Is it because we grew up alone as an only child and the presence of friends give us a sense of belonging? What’s your reason for having friends? 

There are many out there who collect friends so that they can make themselves look good and feel good. But only at the expense of their friends. In this scenario, the person who feels privileged and entitled only wants to be with friends who will give in to her whims. 

In this environment, this person wants to control the “friends” around her. And as long as she is successful in doing so, she will make her friends feel very special. But this comes with a price. When her friends ignore her or do not include her in social gatherings, she throws a fit. This type of person has disregard for her friends’ boundaries. 

Her friends, on the other had, just let her be because she isn’t the only friend they have. And besides, they aren’t really affected by this person because they’re able to say “no”. 

But there will come a time when friendships will be tested. And most often than not, when friendships are tested, trust is thrown in the middle and wagered in the process. At the end of the test, friendships either become more solid or they crumble completely because trust had been broken. 

When money is involved, things can get shady and friendships can go south immediately. Even guaranteeing someone else’s debt isn’t a very good idea. You don’t wanna be in the position. But you might have a friend in need that may be in deep trouble… so we try to help. We give the other person, a friend, the benefit of the doubt. 

This is where you, as the friend in need, must make sure you do not break the other party’s trust. When money is involved, a lot of bad things can happen. If you are a borrower friend, make sure you pay the money back. And if you are a lender friend, make sure you are only party ways with money that you can assume, “will not come back to you anymore”. Once that is established, you wouldn’t really feel bad if the other person never pays you back. 


Here Are a Four Tips to  Not Waste Your Friends Away 


Don’t Borrow Money 
There are other places to borrow money from. Don’t borrow money from your friends because if you fail to pay them back, you run the risk of severing your friendship. An alternative is going to lending companies like Lending Club, PayOff, etc. 

And if you’re really in dire straits and need to borrow muney from a friend, make sure you offer some sort of collateral. 


Take the Time to Listen to Them 
Your friends are human beings too. They experience life changes just like you. And while you sometimes feel that you’re a good listener, really make a conscious effort to show your friends that their important even when you don’t need anything from there. 


Keep Your Word 
Your word is your bond. If you collab on a plan, whether its an out of town trip or watching a movie on a Thursday night, Don’t just go off the grid and leave your friend out waiting for nothing. Instead, keep your word and honor what you and your friend had agreed upon. It’s not rocket science. If something comes up, let them know. Don’t keep your friends guessing. That’s never good! 


Don’t Make Everything About You 
Life doesn’t revolve around you. You have problems, they have problems too. You want your problems solved, so do your friends. Everybody is trying their best to make their lives better. And then you come along… you don’t care because their lives don’t affect yours. The worse you can be is to make everything about you. 


There are a lot of ways to keep friendships forever. But there has to be boundaries and you, as a friend, should know where you should stand. Respecting your friends’ boundaries can keep your friendships alive until the day you die. Don’t violate your friends’ space, and this includes crossing any line. 


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Awhile back, I set a goal and worked hard toward achieving that goal. I persevered and visualized until it became tangible in my mind. I didn't stop until I reached it. And then in July of 2018, I was ready.

I went out to get myself the newest and baddest MacBook Pro.  

It was nice. And it did whatever I set it to do and responded without any hiccup. It was stable. It was a beast! Editing video using Final Cut Pro was very efficient. Logic Pro was killer! And so was Ableton Live.  

I was very pleased with its performance. As a matter of fact, INTRoVOYS wouldn’t be able to play live without it because it also doubled as thr band’s bassist.  

Little did I know that last Sunday, October 21, was to be its last gig with the band. After the show, my gear bag, which had my MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, Canon G7x MkII, my backup drive and my personal wallet, was stolen. Yes... STOLEN!  

I had to cancel all my debit and credit cards. I had to put my iPad and MacBook Pro on “Lock” and “Erase” status from the Find My IPhone app. It was a mess. I was a mess!  

I had to apply for a new driver’s license. I had to do a mental inventory of what else was in that gear bag.  

All in all, $7,500 worth of goodies were taken... never to be seen again.  

And so while I was sulking in my little misery, my wife reminded me how blessed I was that I was in good health and that she and the kids were all fine. Then, my buddy also came up to me to tell me that I was privileged to NOT have known who took my stuff and as such, it was going to be easy for me to let it go and move on. He mentioned that he loaned $18,000 to his friend when he was in need. He was promised he would have the money back in 6 months. It’s been 10 months since my buddy's friend borrowed $18,000 from him and up until right now, there is no sign he's gonna get his money back.

And then another friend of mine called me to let me know that they found a big tumor in his dad’s stomach.  

Geez, my predicament didn’t compare to what my two friends are going through at the moment.  

And then I realized immediately. It’s easy to replace material things.  But the trust and relationship between my friend and the person he lent money to, that’s forever broken. Also, my other friend only has a limited amount of time with his dad. And once that’s over, it’s over.  

Then I asked myself... “What did I really lose?” And to that, I say “ nothing”. As a matter of fact, I gained a ton of wisdom by realizing that perspective can make. Difference in facing different and seemingly difficult challenges in our lives!!! 

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Do Not Get Caught Up In Your Own Web 

As a musician, I’ve spent most of my life writing, recording and playing music. Early on in my career, that was all I needed to do. And because my band was signed to a major record label, we had spin doctors doing all the marketing and publicity necessary to get my band, INTRoVOYS, noticed. The label was very successful in doing so. 

In a few short months, INTRoVOYS became a household name. Our songs were blasting through the airwaves once or twice every hour in almost all pop radio stations across the Philippine archipelago. It was a blast. It was surreal. It was amazing! And it was over. 

Years passed and we parted way with the major label and their spin doctors and we were on our own. Now, we had to do our own marketing. Now, we had to do our own spin. Now, we had to wear the artist and marketing hat. It became a whole new world for us. 

Back in 1991, I watched Ariel Rivera in concert at the Music Museum. During this period, he was the “hottest” artist. His album, self titled “Ariel Rivera” was number one in the Philippines and in major parts of South East Asia, but I digress. So, at his concert, during one of his spiels, he said something that I will never forget. He said “It’s good to be recognized today. I read about myself in the papers. However, I have to be very careful because the moment I believe my own hype is the moment my career has ended.” 

That was powerful to me because he understood the spin and who it was meant for. And he was smart enough to use it where it mattered most. Of course, credit would have to go to Boy Abunda and the people at Backroom, who were quite the genius behind the artist. 

Today, most artists, if not signed to a label, must wear different hats if they want their careers to take off. One of the most important component is the skill of selling yourself and your work. How can you create a buzz that’s both organic and interesting and, though self serving, also gives your audience something to take back with them. Doing something like that takes practice. We will make mistakes along the way. And sometimes, we may even get caught up in our own web. 

Here are 4 tips on how you can avoid getting caught up in your own web. 

Be Authentic 

There is no reason so promote something that isn’t real. Nowadays, audience are savvy. Most of the time, they know if something is manufactured or organic. I heard that Bieber was manufactured. If this is true, he had great spin doctors. But what happened when he became a huge star? He got into a lot of trouble. In the end, he had to press the “reset” button. It was wise on his part to come clean and be authentic. And today, he is able to continue with his career. 


Be Courageous 

It takes guts to come to terms with the person you look at in the mirror every morning. Courage kills our natural habit of denial. Courage allows us to face our shortcomings. Courage allows us to thrive in whatever endeavor we do. When we are courageous, we can accept failures easily and can maneuver our careers to safer grounds. Our lack of courage compels us to embrace the lies we tell ourselves. It also makes us believe that the tooth fairy will come and put a $20.00 bill under our pillow. Our lack of courage will eventually make us lose all hope in whatever it is we’re doing.  


Be Practical 

When you’re trying to build your brand as an artist, you can spend all your time trying to discover who you really are, making sure you’re both authentic and courageous to the point that you’re actually missing the whole point of being an artist in the first place. Now you’ve become a dog running after his own tale, creating his own spin. You gotta be practical!  

Ask other people, preferably your audience, to give you honest feedback. If you’re promoting an album, ask for feedback and let them know that you’ll be using their testimony as promotion for your music. Hint hint... it takes courage and authenticity to approach somebody to ask for an honest testimonial. 

Be Humble 

Success can easily go to your head. Remember that the people you meet on the way up are the same people you will me on the way down. You determine the relationship and the outcome you will build with the people along the way. Be humble and you may never have to put your head down on the way down because people who care will always be there to lift you up. But when you aren’t humble, you will fall faster than it took you to rise. And no amount of spin can get you out of the web you just created. 



Admit it or not, we all want to feel significant. It’s human nature. Other people simply do what they do without fanfare and and up being recognized by their peers and by their community. Others will have to work harder to achieve the same thing. In the end, what really matters is that you, yes you, are having fun doing what you love doing. And I will guarantee you that if you consistently better yourself in relation to your craft, you will get the recognition you deserve without having to spin your own web.

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How Badly Do You Want It 

Nowadays, it’s not difficult to encounter individuals who seem to carry an aura of entitlement. I’m pretty sure you’d say it’s not you. However, you can’t speak for the person next to you. 

A couple of days ago, I was having a conversation with a fellow artist, who’s identity I will conceal to keep his privacy. So for this story’s sake, I’ll just refer to him as HBOM.  

HBOM is an award winning Rap artist, who made it big in the Philippines. At the turn of the millennium, he decided to pack up his bags to move to Vegas and live a quiet life. However, once an artist... always an artist. So whenever an OPM act would come to Vegas, HBOM would front for them and this would get him pretty pumped up. And honestly, it really does get you pumped up... the screaming fans, the lights... they add to the allure of fame or pseudo fame or both. 

While we were having brunch before our show in South Orange County, HBOM and I had an opportunity to talk about the financial cost of maintaining a passion such as ours, which was creating and performing live music in front of an audience. 

HBOM carried a day job and he stated that he stood to lose money rather than gain because his weekly paycheck was far more greater than his current talent fee. And this is so true! People who carry a day job can attest to the fact that once you’re paid time off (PTO) has been used, any time off you request is covered by your own dime. I told him that, because I also had a day job, we were in the same position. And because my band had been doing a lot of weekend shows in the states and Canada, there have been a lot of Fridays and Mondays that I’ve had to call in for work. And so today, I’m through with my PTO or paid time off or vacation hours. But I digress. 

HBOM told me that every time he is offered an opportunity to perform, he doesn’t ask “how much will you pay me?” Instead, he would dig deep inside his heart to honestly asks himself “how badly do I want this?” 

We often find excuses NOT to pursue what we want. We tend to get creative with our excuses. At the first sign of conflict, we fold. We pack it up and go home. “How bad do you really want it?”  

Being in a band is a commitment. Being in a touring band carries even more commitment. Being in a touring band on the weekends and having a regular job during the week is an even bigger commitment. What about being in a touring band and carrying a day job and being a husband and a dad? That’s also an even bigger commitment.  

Somewhere in the above paragraph, anybody can make the most creative excuse. But how bad do you really want to achieve your passion’s full potential? 

Only you can answer that.  Leave a comment =)

And as long as your head stays where it is and doesn’t get in the way... you should be good to go!



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You Must Be Willing To Walk Away 

You must find the courage to leave the table, if respect is no longer being served” - Tene Edwards 

Just like you, there have been times when I’ve asked myself why I’m still around some people who don’t deserve my time and attention. But I’ve found it hard to walk away. A tiny voice in my gut would scream telling me to stop scraping for an “opportunity” because while wasting my time on it, the “big one” might be hovering past me. 

And that’s true! Why do we spend precious time with people who don’t appreciate what we have to offer? 

This is one of the major reasons of break ups, whether in a personal relationship, in a corporate setting and even in being in a band. 

The truth is, each person’s time has the same value. But sometimes, this is being disregarded. What then should you do? 


Here are 5 ways you can develop the habit of valuing yourself. 



I’m not trying to be counter intuitive when I say this. But it’s plain and simple. When you respect other people’s time and opinion, you are also subconsciously telling yourself that others must respect yours too. That, to me, is the beginning of mutual respect. 


You’re not trying to be rude. On the contrary, the ability to say “no” to others will make others respect you even more. Why? Because you’re not giving others empty promises. Again, this boils down to a foundation of respect.  



If you value yourself as much as you do others, you should define your boundaries and protect it. You should never compromise it. In it is where your peace and solace is found. It’s your zen place. And anybody who disrespects your boundary doesn’t respect you. 



When we compromise, we lose a part of us in the process. We are then left feeling less than how we felt “coming to the table”. The alternative is one of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits, which is to think “win/win”. When we give, and give willingly, we take in the feeling of fulfillment. And it’s way better than losing a part of you all the time. 



At the beginning of every relationship, always be willing to walk away when the relationship gets too toxic to repair. Don’t waste your time on someone or something that is pulling you down. Disclaimer... this is always a last resort. Most of the time, things do get resolved before it gets to this. 



At the end of the day, we can only speak for ourselves. As long as we aren’t stepping on anybody’s toes, we shouldn’t have to feel guilty about thinking of ourselves. Everybody has goals and dreams. Yours is no less than theirs. If you’re with someone who doesn’t value who you are or what you can offer, talk it through. And if you find yourself in a deadlock, be ready to get up and move on. Time is of the essence. 



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INTRoVOYS On The Hollywood Wishbus 


People walking along the street of Hollywood blvd had no idea we were getting on the Hollywood Wishbus on Tuesday night, Oct 9. It was our first time to play on the Wishbus, which is hosted by talented musician, Robin Nievera. 

Me, Jonathan, Jj and Vic had a great time on Tuesday night. And I do hope they bring us back.

Here is a little TV interview for you guys!

Thanks to Martin Nievera for popping in! What truly makes him a great artist is his down to earth attitude. 






You Gotta Drive 


Remember that moment when you decided you wanted to make a career of playing music? How did it go in your head? Did you say “I’m gonna play the drums for 8 hours a day until I become so good, I’m gonna play for Sting!” Or did you say “I’m gonna play drums for 8 hours a day and maybe, just maybe, someone’s gonna take notice and offer me a job as a drummer.” 

I’m pretty sure, yours was similar to the former or the latter. And that’s okay as long as you’re okay with what you get at the end. If you find yourself at a 5 star hotel in Europe, headlining a show and wondering how you got there, I hope you’ve saved enough money because you can lose it all the next day. However, if you find yourself at a motel somewhere in New Mexico, after a pumped up show at the local bar, yet excited about the next gig because you know where you are is part of a journey that you’re about to reach, then good for you! You’re the driver of your own music career journey. 

When I was 12 years old, I called up my childhood friend, Jonathan Buencamino, and told him that we were gonna start a band when I was old enough to do so. He took my word and three years later, we formed INTRoVOYS. And when we did, we took it very seriously. We knew what we wanted and we always talked about how we could achieve our goals. 

We never left anything to chance. As a band, we all had roles to play and agreed to assign one of us as the “designated driver”. Of course, being the designated driver didn’t mean he could boss the rest of the band around. It just meant that he was going to be the one doing the driving based on the collective decision of where all the members wanted to go. 

We struggled for 5 years. But they were good years for learning. We got rejected because we were asking for something we wanted. We got booked because we asked if we could audition to play at that certain place. We became a regular fixture on Monday night primetime television because we asked for it. We, as INTRoVOYS, didn’t ride shotgun. We drove our own music career. 



When the opportunity came for us get signed by WEA records, we asked to be signed by WEA records. They denied us the opportunity because they felt we were not yet ready. Instead, they asked us if we wanted a compilation album release that featured us and 4 other bands. We agreed. This was “10 Of Another Kind”, a hit album that has stood the test of time. We were promised that if the album made it big, we would get our album deal. At some point, we knew that it wasn’t gonna come. We shook hands, said goodbye and signed up with Dyna Records. 

We released our first album, Back to the Roots. 

We hired our manager, Tommy Tanchanco. 

We assembled our road crew. 

We wrote our own songs. 

We created our own tour. 

We didn’t wait for anybody to do this for us. And neither should you… UNLESS, your image and likeness is manufactured by the label or the studio. In that case, you really are a “passenger”. Just enjoy the ride.



Today, 32 years since we started the band, we’re still together. And we’re still performing. And we’re still in control of our music career decisions. 

Just like any business endeavor, your music career is yours and yours alone. Even today, as a band, Jonathan, Vic, Jj and I have a mutual respect and admiration of what we have given to our music. And we also acknowledge our capacities as individuals, in charge of our own destiny. 

This being said, I would like to encourage all my colleagues in the music industry to take the time to study the business we’re in. In this age of DIY, why aren’t there a lot more of us? Let’s not wait any longer. 

If you haven’t been given the “wheel” of your music career, now is a good time to take it back. Yes, you may crash. But that’s okay. We all will at some point. But wouldn’t it be nice to know that your destiny isn’t in the hands of another person, who wasn’t there when first day dreamed of being a big star one day? 

Make it a great day! 



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It's Okay To Press Pause 

You’re on a roll. Momentum is on your side. Life is on the up and up. You’ve got gigs coming at you from both sides and you’ve got leverage. You’ve worked extremely hard for this and they want you! And now, you get to choose which gig to accept. Kudos! Don’t stop! 

Or should you? 

This is the dilemma we face as artists, in charge of our own destiny. As someone who’ve tasted success, I know how fleeting can be. When I “rested” from making music to get my feet back planted on the ground, I discovered that what I had worked hard for was suddenly gone! So, today, I’m at the crossroad of whether to pause for a moment or to just keep on going. 

Then my wife suggested we go out of town for the weekend and spend time with each other, our children and our friends. I reminded her that we only had a weekend of rest and confirmed if she really wanted to go out of town? Didn’t she want to just spend time at home? Then she said that this wasn’t for her but for me. And it wasn’t to put me back at ease physically but mentally. And she was right! 

And so I hit the pause button again. No band stuff. No music business stuff. The weekend was purely for personal stuff… the one that mattered most! I had an itinerary that consisted of “grill the ribeye steak”, “get floaties for the kiddos”, “buy chips and juice drinks for the road”, etc. 

I had so much fun being with my loved ones! I totally forgot all about the stress that went on with running a band.  And with the fun weekend behind me, I became more relaxed and open minded about how I am going to face my challenges head on. You see, the challenges that had presented themselves hadn’t changed. However, my attitude toward them did. And it did because I pressed “pause”. 

Here are 6 ways you can press the pause button of your music career. 

Disconnect From Technology 
This is very hard to do. Emails, texts, and phone calls have made it easy for other people to get a hold of us. Which is why we get anxious when someone dares us to disconnect from technology. What if the phone rings and it’s the “one” call we’ve been waiting for? There are a lot of “What ifs” in our heads that have caused us to exchange our freedom of enjoying our surroundings just for waiting for a phone call that may never even come. If it really was the “one” call you’ve been waiting on for your entire career, the person or people at the other end of the line will find a way to get to you again… and again. 

Spend Time With Family And Friends 
Artists can be self absorbed with their work. Oftentimes, I would go inside my little studio and begin to work on a project while thinking my wife and kids should understand that I’m busy creating art. News flash… they don’t think your “art” is more important than spending quality time with them. Don’t get me wrong. My family has been very supportive of my music career. However, I’ve realized that my wife and kids are simply tolerant of my passion because they LOVE me. 

I noticed that the more I spend time with my wife and kids, the more I am inspired to work on my music and I always end up being more productive. I’ve learned to put my family and my family’s needs first. Because when you put them first, they tend to follow your lead and put you first too! 

Give Thanks 
A great reason to press the pause button is to give thanks. As a Christian, I have made it a priority to give thanks to God. Mostly, in the morning while everyone is asleep. But wherever you are and whatever time it is, when you take a moment to go into a sabbatical to just reflect on how you got to where you are today, it is always good practice to give thanks. This keeps you grounded. It also redefines how much your current work or project means to you. It also relieves you of your current stress because pausing to give thanks makes you appreciate what you currently have and ignore what you currently don’t have. 

Pick Up a Sport and Actively Pursue It 
It was later in life when I decided I was gonna take basketball seriously. I suck at it! And that’s okay. I wasn’t aspiring to join the NBA anyway. But pressing the pause button on music to focus on something else that I wasn’t good at piqued my competitive edge. It also made me appreciate what I was good at and it humbled me. 

My good friend, Perf De Castro, who is one of the best guitar players of his generation, pressed the pause button on rock music for awhile. It was sad because he was very good at it. But he took a hiatus. Instead, he focused on playing with his 10 string classical guitar music and on mountain biking. He did this for awhile and had a whole lotta fun doing it. One day, after being on pause from rock music for over a year, he picked up his electric guitar again and today, he’s been gigging more than ever! And he’s having a lot of fun on a different mind and artistic level. 

Hike And Spend Time In Nature 
Get lost in the wilderness. And I don’t mean for you to take that seriously. But pause and make time to go on a hike. Invite friends or family to go with you or do this alone. When your trying to lead the charge of a band or its members. Or when you’re trying to get better with your instrument or at your craft and you feel you’re stagnating, stop for a moment and let it go. 

Camping and hiking are good ways to press the pause button. It’s a beautiful planet and a lot of new found inspiration can come out of it. 

Do Not Pick Up Your Instrument 
This seems a bit counter intuitive but allow me to talk further. When you are able to “ignore” your instrument… at will. You’ve just defined who’s in control. And when you’re in control, there is no surmounting pressure. And when you’re at this state, it becomes easy to see different ways to play your instrument. It sparks creativity. 

As a drummer, going back to the drums after ignoring it for a short period of time and messing with different drum configurations and cymbal stacks to generate a new sound, help inspired me to create a new beat, which led to me writing a new song. But I had to stop myself from picking up my instrument for a short period of time just to miss the drums a bit. 

There are definitely many different things you can do to put your music career on “pause”. Should you? It depends. Maybe, not now. But at some point, I believe that we all need to take a moment to stop whatever it is we are doing so we can get back to basics. Periodically, we need to take a breather to remind ourselves why we are actually doing music in the first place. And to see if we are still aligned to our goals and dreams.

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