Paco Arespacochaga, the acclaimed drummer and songwriter, rose to prominence in the '90s Philippine Music Industry as a pivotal force in the renowned band INTRoVOYS. Currently based in Los Angeles, his music, a dynamic blend of edgy and alternative pop, is a testament to his versatile artistry. His songwriting brilliance, showcased in hits like "Di Na Ko Aasa Pa," "Will I Survive," and "Line to Heaven," played a pivotal role in INTRoVOYS' multi-platinum success.

In 2019, Paco initiated a game-changer – PACO'S PLACE, a potent podcast amplifying the stories of triumph. As the epitome of Filipino-produced podcasts in Los Angeles, it serves as a compelling platform for exceptional narratives.

With a blend of humility and pride, Paco supported artists like Rivermaya and NeoColours, rekindling their presence in the North American Filipino music scene. This collaboration not only elevated these acts but also sparked widespread interest and appreciation.

A musical maestro, Paco recently crafted hits like "Kahit Kailan" for Bianca Umali and "Di Na Ba" for Cedric Escobar – tracks setting the stage for rising talents, available on Spotify for your listening pleasure.

Adding to his repertoire, Paco co-founded the power pop trio, PlayBack Jukebox, alongside INTRoVOYS' Jj Buencamino and Fil-Am singer Benjie Collantes, creating an unmissable musical experience.

Beyond the stage, Paco imparts a profound lesson – balancing family and passion, urging us to seize every moment. His life resonates with the mantra of living your passion, an inspiration for us all.

Paco Arespacochaga of INTRoVOYS at the Wish Bus Launch at Universal City Walk September 7, 2018

Paco Arespacochaga playing with INTRoVOYS for the Wish Bus Hollywood Launch at Universal City Walk on September 7, 2018

Paco Arespacochaga behind the drums with INTRoVOYS at the PCCM in Winnipeg MB on September 15, 2018 | Photo by Henry Balanial