The First Day of the Rest of Your Life is NOW! 

Life Begins 

We all keep saying we're going to start our life today. But we press the reset button of our lives like we do the odometer reset button in our car. So, although there is no shame in starting over again, wouldn't it be nice if we could keep going and see how far our life journey takes us? 

Define Today 

What is the significance of this day to me? I have to be able to know the answer. I can't just randomly decide that today is the day. How does today differ from yesterday and tomorrow? This day has to stand out! It has to be defined. 

I would start by defining today's date. Is there a meaning to it? It can be a birthday or an anniversary. It can even be a holiday. 

Define your motive. Is this the beginning of your road to financial freedom or a healthy lifestyle? What is it? 

Write these things down and embrace them. Then, share your thoughts with your spouse or partner. Ask them to walk with you on this journey. Tell them to support you if they're not ready to walk with you. 

Do It 

You are all "talk" unless you take the first step. Then, go and make it happen. Don't even think about how much you can do in a day. Instead, do what you can do to lead you closer to your goals every single day. 

Some days will be more productive than others, and that's okay. We're not perfect! However, we must be consistent. We must do something of value that will benefit what we defined early on. This definition will be our mantra! Press on!

In Due Time 

There is a time and place for everything. You can’t just walk into your boss’ office to ask for a raise and expect to get it. Likewise, you can’t just walk into a fine dining restaurant and expect a table to be ready for you. Everything takes time before they come to fruition. 

How much time is necessary? I often say that it’s going to take as long as it needs to. There is a process. God has the blueprint to the best process necessary for us to receive the best version of what we truly desire. We must learn to wait, and waiting is why we always say “patience is a virtue” because it is.  

When things don’t go your way, force it to a certain extent, just enough to convince yourself that it is not for you. First, however, we must all make an effort to learn the art of waiting.  

Do not confuse yourself between waiting and doing nothing. If you desire to be one of the best guitar players in the world, you don’t just mosey around waiting for that time to come. Instead, you pick up your guitar and practice as much and as often as you can until that day arrives.  

In conclusion, we must be responsible for doing what we can to bring ourselves closer to the goal. Nonetheless, we should also be aware of the patience and humility necessary to wait for our time to achieve what we desire. Our moment will come in due time.

Something is Broken 

If you want to know if something is wrong in your relationship, talk to your partner and voice your concern. One of two outcomes will happen. In the first outcome, they will listen to your problem, reassure you that everything will be alright, and even initiate a conversation to make you feel better. The second outcome will reveal signs of a broken relationship. When you express concern to your partner, they go off on a tangent and begin to blame you, telling you that whatever you are concerned about is your own doing. 

I've seen relationships crumble because of finger-pointing. Often, finger-pointing is a result of a lack of communication in the relationship. But, unfortunately, it doesn't just stop there. Hurtful words are hard to take back when hurled at each other. Hard as it may be, it would be wise to detach yourself from the hurtful words thrown at you emotionally. Then, you will quickly discover what is going on in your partner's heart and mind.  

They may be irritated at you because of something you did to offend them but failed to acknowledge. Your partner might be cheating on you and are mentally comparing their new love interest to you. They may have had a bad day at work, and the list goes on.  

Fortunately, you can avoid all these things by making communication a priority in the relationship. First, however, you must make time for your relationship to work. Make a plan and schedule a date night. Have sex and lots of it. Laugh together, and dream big together.  
Remind each other that both of you are there for each other. Remember, your partner isn't your competition. Your partner is your teammate, your better half. Acknowledge that. 

Don't wait for your partner to address a problem in your relationship. Instead, could you do your part to fix it? Be understanding and giving. It doesn't hurt to be grateful and humble too. 
Have a great rest of your life!

Friendship is Important 

Friends are essential. We all know that. However, it’s also good to be aware that we will lose friends along the way. Some will leave, some will die, and some friendships die on their own. However, the worse way to lose a friend is through a betrayal. It doesn’t matter which end you’re on. I’ve been on both. I’ve hurt, and betrayed friends and have been betrayed by some, as well. It sucks! 

Why do friends betray friends? Selfishness is the most popular reason. That was my reason. I was very selfish with my own needs that I didn’t care if any of my friends got hurt by my hurtful words or thoughtless actions. 

We wouldn’t know how important our friends are until they’re gone. Of course, we will miss the interactions and hours spent just hanging out. But, our friends are also beacons of parts of our lives. They are our faithful witnesses to what were once our youthful dreams and aspirations. When they leave us, they take a piece of us with them. But, unfortunately, most of the time, that piece of us never comes back. 

Value the people in your lives. Be grateful. Be considerate. Be giving and be faithful.

Don’t Look Behind for Reasons 

Don’t Look Behind for Reasons 

Things happen for a reason. Whatever that reason is depends on what you say it is. The problem is we try to find reasons to JUSTIFY our actions. We do this because it is hard for us to admit that we are wrong, or that we have made a mistake. 

Instead, we should look for the reason to what brought us to where where we are. We should look for the real reason as to why things have happened in our lives. We can’t just point a finger at anything or anyone for the sake of justification. No. We should take responsibility because this is what will turn us into a better person. 

Have an awesome day ahead!

Paco Arespacochaga's Podcast feat. Phil Recto Is Entertaining 

Netizens have given The Paco Arespacochaga Podcast episode 6 two thumbs up all because of Phil Recto. In the episode, Phil candidly talked about the journey of becoming a musician. He also shared how his new found fame caused the breakup of Bonehead.

All this and more in this episode of the Paco Arespacochaga Podcast!



INTRoVOYS Live In Calgary On May 16, 2020 

INTRoVOYS, the band who us the hits "Di Na Ko Aasa Pa", "Will I Survive", "However Whichway", "Maynila" & "Line to Heaven" among others, are set to come to Calgary, AB on May 16, 2020 to showcase their brand of live performance.

They will be joined on stage by Nina Mabugat and Perf De Castro, formerly of Rivermaya.

Producers of the show aren't wasting time as they announce the availability of show tickets, both online (through this site) or in person.

The show will be at the Calgary Marlborough Community Association with address at 636 Marlborough Way NE, Calgary, AB T2A 2V9. And doors will open at 6PM.

You can get your tickets by clicking HERE or by contacting the following:

Tina - (403) 589-8764

Kathy - (403) 991-8640




Biyaheng Impyerno - Siakol (Paco Arespacochaga, Buwi Meneses, Robin Nievera, Noel Palomo Cover) 

On October 19, 2019, Peace Sells productions brought together 5 prominent artists to perform hits that helped defined OPM in the 90s. "Biyaheng Impyerno" by Siakol was performed by Paco Arespacochaga (INTRoVOYS), Noel Palomo (Siakol), Robin Nievera and Buwi Meneses (Parokya Ni Edgar) to a SOLD OUT crowd! 

Enjoy the video and don't forget to subscribe to the channel! 

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