In Due Time

There is a time and place for everything. You can’t just walk into your boss’ office to ask for a raise and expect to get it. Likewise, you can’t just walk into a fine dining restaurant and expect a table to be ready for you. Everything takes time before they come to fruition. 

How much time is necessary? I often say that it’s going to take as long as it needs to. There is a process. God has the blueprint to the best process necessary for us to receive the best version of what we truly desire. We must learn to wait, and waiting is why we always say “patience is a virtue” because it is.  

When things don’t go your way, force it to a certain extent, just enough to convince yourself that it is not for you. First, however, we must all make an effort to learn the art of waiting.  

Do not confuse yourself between waiting and doing nothing. If you desire to be one of the best guitar players in the world, you don’t just mosey around waiting for that time to come. Instead, you pick up your guitar and practice as much and as often as you can until that day arrives.  

In conclusion, we must be responsible for doing what we can to bring ourselves closer to the goal. Nonetheless, we should also be aware of the patience and humility necessary to wait for our time to achieve what we desire. Our moment will come in due time.

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