The First Day of the Rest of Your Life is NOW!

Life Begins 

We all keep saying we're going to start our life today. But we press the reset button of our lives like we do the odometer reset button in our car. So, although there is no shame in starting over again, wouldn't it be nice if we could keep going and see how far our life journey takes us? 

Define Today 

What is the significance of this day to me? I have to be able to know the answer. I can't just randomly decide that today is the day. How does today differ from yesterday and tomorrow? This day has to stand out! It has to be defined. 

I would start by defining today's date. Is there a meaning to it? It can be a birthday or an anniversary. It can even be a holiday. 

Define your motive. Is this the beginning of your road to financial freedom or a healthy lifestyle? What is it? 

Write these things down and embrace them. Then, share your thoughts with your spouse or partner. Ask them to walk with you on this journey. Tell them to support you if they're not ready to walk with you. 

Do It 

You are all "talk" unless you take the first step. Then, go and make it happen. Don't even think about how much you can do in a day. Instead, do what you can do to lead you closer to your goals every single day. 

Some days will be more productive than others, and that's okay. We're not perfect! However, we must be consistent. We must do something of value that will benefit what we defined early on. This definition will be our mantra! Press on!