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Pinoy Rock Lives On 

by Philippe Recto

It was never meant to be mainstream…

A sound only the young would be inspired by. The Filipinos have always rebelled against the onslaught of the powerful and overwhelming. Thus, giving birth to such heroes as Lapu-Lapu, Andres Bonifacio, Jose Rizal, and others alike. Rock n’ Roll along with its off-springs of various genres such as Hard Rock, Punk Rock, Alternative Rock, Heave Metal, Hardcore, Fusion Rock, and so forth were all formed from rebellion. The devil’s music some would say…

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To My Family, I'm a Husband and a Dad... That's All 

Janelle and I decided to take all of the kids and my mother-in-law, with us to San Francisco. We were there for Pinoy Rock Revue, wherein I play drums as we commemorate the songs created by bands AnakBayan, Maria Cafra, Sampaguita and Juan Dela Cruz. We also featured Basti Artadi of Wolfgang as our guest vocalist.

I'd like to stress that the journey to San Francisco was surprisingly more interesting than being in San Francisco. It's because my family and our road trip bonding made it super special!

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Write For the Trash Can 

The first phrase. The first chord. The first beat. They can all be very scary. And sometimes, the first step can be the only step because most of us are very critical of our own work. That's okay but it really isn't helpful at all if we are to write something or create something for ourselves or for other artists.

We need to write for the trash can.

Simply put, we need to write like it's nothing. This is to help us eliminate that critical mindset that we have as artists. Here are 6 ideas on how we can…

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