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Navigate Your Way to a Better Relationship

Navigate your way to a better relationship! It’s as easy as putting your destination into your GPS and simply follow what it tells you to do. HUH!?!

Imagine a couple, husband and wife, interacting on a day to…

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How To Lose Money Fast

If you want to see your money burn... burn... burn... go and make hasty decisions. Instant gratification will ruin your pocket book. It will ruin your relationships and cause you grief in the long run. 

Janelle and I…

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Career VS Love

Career vs Love, what do you think will win? The answer definitely depends on where you are in life. There are those who will pick love and forfeit their opportunity to establish a successful career and they’re okay with…

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Filipino Fast Food Craving

On Sunday, while Janelle was sick, I was having some serious filipino fast food craving. I drove to the Eagle Rock Plaza in Eagle Rock CA. What happened next made me miss the motherland. Its really more fun in…

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Live Longer For Your Kids’ Sake

Not everyone of us is given the opportunity to be a dad to someone. But if we are a dad, what are we doing to make sure we don’t add to the chances of depriving our kids the opportunity…

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Learning to Love Yourself

I Heard It From the Song
From the song, “The Greatest Love of All”, the line… “Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all” is probably what hit me the most. When I was young and immature…

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Do Not Waste Friendship

Why do we have friends in our lives? Is it because we share a common bond and interest and love each other’s company? Is it because we grew up alone as an only child and the presence of friends…

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Awhile back, I set a goal and worked hard toward achieving that goal. I persevered and visualized until it became tangible in my mind. I didn't stop until I reached it. And then in July of 2018, I was…

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Do Not Get Caught Up In Your Own Web

As a musician, I’ve spent most of my life writing, recording and playing music. Early on in my career, that was all I needed to do. And because my band was signed to a major record label, we had…

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How Badly Do You Want It

Nowadays, it’s not difficult to encounter individuals who seem to carry an aura of entitlement. I’m pretty sure you’d say it’s not you. However, you can’t speak for the person next to you. 

A couple of days ago…

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You Must Be Willing To Walk Away

You must find the courage to leave the table, if respect is no longer being served” - Tene Edwards 

Just like you, there have been times when I’ve asked myself why I’m still around some people…

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