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Pregnancy Prank On Christmas Eve

I almost thought we went too far when we pranked my best friend, Bryan Elezegui, on Christmas eve. Everyone was in on the prank... his kids, his friends and of course his wife.

Bryan has three kids... a 22…

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Friendship is Important

Friends are essential. We all know that. However, it’s also good to be aware that we will lose friends along the way. Some will leave, some will die, and some friendships die on their own. However, the worse way to…

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A Pinoy Rockin' Christmas Party 2018

It was a Pinoy Rock Christmas Party at the end of the day at the De Castro residence. But it was a crazy full day for me, Janelle and Cassidy. 

The holiday season can be overwhelming but at…

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Beware the Friend Zone In 2019

You are in love with another person... but he/she doesn't feel the same way. You're in a dilemma because you don't want to get turned down, embarrassed or to outright lose this special person in your life. So what…

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Let It Snow by Jaja And Paco

Oh the weather outside is frightful, 
But the fire is so delightful, 
And since we've no place to go, 
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! 

It doesn't show signs of stopping, 
And I've bought some…

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I'll Pick My Family Over My Bandmates

I've matured. There, I'm admitting to it right now. I failed in making a ton of happy childhood memories with my firstborn, Heaven. I'm just glad he's forgiven me for being a LOUSY father while he was growing up.…

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You Shouldn’t Compromise | Relationship Basics

You shouldn’t compromise in a relationship. There is a better way. I talk about it in this vlog episode. Cheers!

com·pro·mise /ˈkämprəˌmīz/ - the acceptance of standards that are lower than is desirable.

We’ve heard it many…

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Navigate Your Way to a Better Relationship

Navigate your way to a better relationship! It’s as easy as putting your destination into your GPS and simply follow what it tells you to do. HUH!?!

Imagine a couple, husband and wife, interacting on a day to…

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A Daughter Is a Daughter Forever!

I spent one crazy Saturday afternoon with Cassidy, my only daughter. It was a long day and I took her to work with me. But that was just the bare minimum of what I had to do that day.

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Why Do We Make Poor Decisions

When we get excited about something, we tend to impulsively make poor decisions. Add the element of the weekend, where moods can be light and carefree and you have one recipe for disaster.

Grab a cup of coffee…

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How To Lose Money Fast

If you want to see your money burn... burn... burn... go and make hasty decisions. Instant gratification will ruin your pocket book. It will ruin your relationships and cause you grief in the long run. 

Janelle and I…

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Career VS Love

Career vs Love, what do you think will win? The answer definitely depends on where you are in life. There are those who will pick love and forfeit their opportunity to establish a successful career and they’re okay with…

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Its Never Too Late to Start All Over

It's never too late to start all over, regardless of your age. Unfortunately, many of us find it hard to make the first step, much less get passed it.  

In this video, I share how important it is…

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Ira Cruz Joins INTRoVOYS

Ira Cruz joins INTRoVOYS on stage for one night at the band’s concert in Burbank, CA. It was quite memorable for everyone.

Ira was one of the key decision makers in bringing in Vic Carpio as his successor,…

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Filipino Fast Food Craving

On Sunday, while Janelle was sick, I was having some serious filipino fast food craving. I drove to the Eagle Rock Plaza in Eagle Rock CA. What happened next made me miss the motherland. Its really more fun in…

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Live Longer For Your Kids’ Sake

Not everyone of us is given the opportunity to be a dad to someone. But if we are a dad, what are we doing to make sure we don’t add to the chances of depriving our kids the opportunity…

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