1. In The Rain

From the recording Rebirth

Written by: Pancho Gonzales & Paco Arespacochaga

Background vocals: Geneva Cruz
Guitars: Vic Carpio
Arranged by: Frank Singcol


If there was ever a reason for living
I believe that stars were made for wishing
By chance, by fate, our hearts were meant
In this path of life, we met beyond the bend

But I guess time wasn’t on our side
And by now I still wonder when or why
Though you’re close to me I know we’re still apart
You don’t have to knock on the door of my heart

It was you
In the rain
You’re all I think of every night and day
It was you
In the rain
You’re all the reason why I found my way to love

I never thought that happiness comes from the heart
I believed that it was true love from the start
But faith is what time was not
It’s just a matter, a matter of the heart