1. She's The One

From the recording Rebirth

Written by: Paco Arespacochaga
Music by: Paco Arespacochaga & Jonathan Manuel

Drums & Vocals: Paco Arespacochaga
Bass: Norby David
Guitars: Jonathan Manuel
Keyboards: Henry Abesamis


She's The One

She came into my life
Like an angel in disguise
I never figured it out
But she knew what it was all about

She never lets me sleep at night
Without hugging me close and tight
Takes away my pain
My dreams are back
All have remained

When all my hopes are gone
When all comes crashing down
She kisses me, it's alright
I know that she's the one

When no one understands
The little boy inside this man
She comes to me and takes my hand
I know that she's the one

She never fails to see
What little joy there is in me
She gives me a brand new day
With me is where she'll always stay

When I feel so alone
With her is where I'll build my home
She comforts me
Without a doubt she has to be the one

It was long ago when I decided
No else will take her place forever